Norwegian Epic: the best and worst in cruising

August 8, 2018 – 12:33 pm
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Norwegian Epic has the best and worst characteristics ever included in a cruiseship, and that's why it gained its moniker in the "ugly duckling."

Norwegian Epic might be known to because the "ugly duckling" from the cruise industry, what is lacks in set it up comprises operating and amenities.

Sometimes the confluence of your time, money and energy results in “one of the kind” masterpieces. The Saturn-V rocket and also the entire moon landing are great good examples. The economical boom from the early 2000's introduced other “wow factor” projects, like Steve Wynn’s eponymous Vegas hotel and also the world’s highest tower, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The cruise industry also caught “wow-fever” throughout this time around and gave us sailing miracles unlikely to become equaled for many years. In The Year 2006, Royal Caribbean created its “Genesis Project, ” creating the 2 biggest and many technologically-advanced luxury cruise ships ever - Oasis from the Seas and Allure from the Seas.

To compete, the more compact but scrappier Norwegian Cruise Line produced its very own mega-ship design in the year 2006. It had been named “F3, ” symbols of the 3rd generation of “FreeStyle Cruising” - a phrase NCL created to explain luxury cruise ships with “no set dining occasions, no designated tables, a relaxed dress code and much more restaurants than days within the week.” F3 was recommended because the epitome from the “FreeStyle” concept - an would end up being the third biggest ship on the planet.

Norwegian placed a strong order having a top shipyard in France for 2 new, identical F3 ships in the year 2006 – using the discretionary choice for another. That third ship never was built-in fact, neither was the 2nd. Only Norwegian Epic was finished – and within its “hull and timbers” are the best and worst characteristics ever included in a cruiseship.

Because of this, I love to call Norwegian Epic the "Ugly Duckling" from the cruise industry. I simply came back from my second sailing around the ship a week ago. My first was the inaugural cruise in June 2010, from Southampton to New You are able to City.

What's wrong with Norwegian Epic?

Epic is broadly regarded as because the ugliest cruiseship around, because the blog shows inside a pictorial. Carnival’s top cruise director, John Heald, authored on his FaceBook page, “it would be a beautiful day in St.Thomas … though there have been puddles of vomit across the pier. I Then recognized i was docked near the Epic.”

But because using the original Ugly Duckling, first impressions could be wrong, and Epic really has several of the finest cruiseship features at ocean. However a dish of old-fashioned schadenfreude (a German word which means taking pleasure within the misery of others).

The gracious and regal profiles of passenger ships happen to be celebrated for hundreds of years. But it's difficult to make a less appealing visage than Norwegian Epic's - especially its sticking out Frankenstein’s monster temple ruling bow from the ship, evoking precisely the opposite impression of sleek ships cutting with the wind and ocean.

Plus there is Epic’s body, like a collection of Lego blocks. Within an odder-than-existence coincidence, I discovered an image of the real 1995 Lego Toy Company box referred to as Color Line Marketing Set: Cruiseship. indicates Norwegian used this picture because the inspiration for that ship design – and they may be right.


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