Norwegian Forest Cat Information, Pictures of Norwegian Forest Cats

June 4, 2018 – 12:09 pm

Norwegian Forest CatNowegian Forest Felines are friendly and playful, in addition to patient. Even though they want to be using their family, they're also fine when left alone for brief amounts of time.

Ideal Human Buddies

  • Families with children
  • Homes along with other pets
  • First-time cat proprietors

Trademark Traits

  • Thick, fluffy coat
  • Vibrant eco-friendly eyes
  • Gentle
  • Patient
  • Sturdy

What They're Prefer to Accept

Norwegian Forest Felines are recognized for being tolerant toward children along with other pets. They're very intelligent, and revel in climbing. They aren't easily stressed, and adapt easier to change than a number of other kinds of cat.

Despite the fact that these felines possess a thick, fluffy coat, they don't need frequent grooming like other longhaired breeds. A once per week brushing is sufficient most occasions of the season. More frequent brushing early in the year keeps experience hair loss from winding up all around the house.

Things You Need To Know

Norwegian Forest Felines enjoy being at any height, and appreciate the cat tree or somewhere they are able to roost.

Norwegian Forest Felines are great with children along with other pets.

They shed heavily early in the year, and really should be groomed more often at this time around of the season.

Norwegian Forest Cat History

His or her title suggests, the Norwegian Forest Cat came from in Norwegian. Referred to as Skogkatter within their native language, Norwegian Forest Felines supported the Vikings within their travels throughout Europe. The breed developed by itself within the cold climate of Northern Europe, which brought to the profuse, double coat.

Within the late nineteen thirties, a few of these felines were proven in Germany in a cat show, and also the breed caught on. Throughout The Second World War, the breed was almost forgotten. Within the seventies, it possessed a revival.

The Norwegian Forest Cat was initially identified by The Worldwide Cat Association back in 1984. Since that time, it's been recognized for registration through the Cat Fanciers Association, and also the American Cat Fanciers Association.

The feel of a Norwegian Forest Cat

Simply because they coded in a chilly climate, Norwegian Forest Felines have thick, double jackets that may have them warm in nearly any weather. The coat is fluffy, especially round the neck. They shed out a lot of the dense, wooly undercoat early in the year, departing the coat searching substantially lighter compared to the winter season.

Norwegian Forest Felines have lengthy tails which are covered abundantly in fur. The mind is pie, and also the facial expression is nice. Their feet are large and round, and also have heavy tufting between your toes.


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  • avatar what is the chance of my kitten being part Norwegian forest cat? | Yahoo Answers
    • Slim to none I'm afraid. Norwegian Forest cats are a pretty scarce breed, and the are NOT sold unneutered to back yard breeders (who this person clearly is - kittens should never leave mom until they are a minimum of 8 weeks old - reputable breeders keep them at least 10-12 weeks). What you saw was a nice domestic long hair, even if she told you he was a NFC. People like this will lie to get more money from you. At that age the medium coat you are seeing is just kitten fuzz :( So what you have are domestic short hairs. Many kittens of any and all breeds like to play in water, and drink …

  • avatar On average, how much are Norwegian Forest cats and kittens? | Yahoo Answers
    • i think they're about $500-$1000, for a purebred. i'm sorry, but your terminology is for horses. cats are either pedigree or purebred. it depends on the parents and registry. also, whether or not they've had their shots. you can find out for sure by doing a search for them. check local, if you find anything. that would be most accurate. most breeds have websites for breed searches where you can check locally or cross-country. mostly it also depends on where you live.