Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Information

March 23, 2016 – 04:53 pm
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The Norwegian Elkhound is really a sturdy grey hunting dog. To look at, an average northern dog of medium size and substance, square in profile, close combined and balanced in space. The mind is broad with prick ears, and also the tail is tightly curled and transported within the back. The distinctive grey coat is dense and smooth laying. Like a hunter, the Norwegian Elkhound has got the courage, agility and stamina to carry moose along with other large game away by woofing and dodging attack, and also the endurance to trace for lengthy hrs in most weather over rough and varied terrain.


Mind broad in the ears, wedge formed, strong and dry (without loose skin). Expression keen, alert, showing your dog with great courage. Eyes very brownish, medium in dimensions, oblong, not sticking out. Ears set high, firm and erect, yet very mobile. Comparatively small slightly taller than their width in the base with pointed (not rounded) tips. Once the dog is alert, the orifices turn forward and also the outer edges are vertical. When relaxed or showing affection, the ears return, and also the dog shouldn't be punished for doing it throughout the judge's examination. Seen in the side, the temple and back from the skull are just slightly arched the stop not big enough, yet clearly defined.


Neck of medium length, muscular, well setup having a slight arch with no loose skin around the throat. Topline - The rear is straight and powerful from the high point in the withers towards the cause of the tail. The body is brief and shut-combined using the rib cage comprising the majority of its length. Chest deep and moderately broad brisket level with points of elbows and ribs well sprung. Loin short and wide with hardly any tuck-up. Tail set high, tightly curled, and transported within the centerline from the back. It's heavily and carefully haired, without brush, natural and untrimmed.


Shoulders sloping with elbows carefully focused on. Allows well under body and medium long substantial, although not coarse, in bone. Seen in the front, the legs appear straight and parallel. Single dewclaws are usually present. Ft-Feet comparatively small, slightly oblong with tightly closed toes and thick pads. Pasterns are strong and just slightly bent. Ft turn neither in nor out.


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