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November 19, 2015 – 12:54 pm

Interesting Norwegian Details for children

Here are a few interesting Norwegian Details that have been selected and investigated by kids specifically for kids.

  • Population: Over 5.a million people reside in Norwegian (2014)
  • Capital: Oslo, the third greatest city in Scandinavia after Stockholm and Copenhagen, with more than 634, 400 city occupants.
  • Title: Kingdom of Norwegian, short: Norwegian, in Norwegian: Norge
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy.
  • Language: Norwegian
  • Religion: mainly Christian believers
  • Existence expectancy: 79 years
  • Currency: 1 Norwegian Krone (NOK)=100 ore
  • National Symbol: Lion

Norwegian Geography:
Where's Norwegian? - Norwegian Map

Norwegian is based on northern Europe, in Scandinavia, and lies over the Arctic circle. A vacation to Oslo requires a 2-hrs flight from London/England, 6-hrs flight from New You are able to/USA.

Into the spotlight below you can observe where Norwegian is within Europe.

Norwegian is really a fjord country with lots of great fjords to go to, such as the Sogna fjorden, the greatest fjord in Norwegian using its 180km lengthy finger.

Probably the most spectacular fjord is stated is the Geiranger fjord, which you'll see around the picture below.

Geiranger Fjord

Norwegian Points of interest

Norway Geiranger Fjord by Arancia/SXC.huListed here are our favourite Norwegian points of interest for children:

  • Lofoten Islands: go to the Trollfjord and join character safaris or begin to see the northern lights
  • Lillehammer: Go skiing or snowboarding within the earliest ski resorts in Norwegian
  • Visit the fjord like the popular Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord or Sognefjord
  • Oslo: The Viking Ship Museum exhibits two best maintained Viking ships in the ninth century or explore Norwegian culture within the world's earliest open-air museum

Norwegian Creatures

In Norwegian you'll find reindeer, that are also known as caribou. These creatures which only reside in the northern hemisphere over the Arctic circle, travel far to obtain food. They've antlers, that they use for scraping the snow from the ground to locate food. The caribou have four toes.

Viking ship by Valerliaarsnaud/Shutterstock.comReindeer

In Norwegian lives even the Arctic fox whose coat changes using the seasons. In the winter months his fur is principally gray and whitened, during summer time it changes to some light brown.

Interesting Norwegian Details
Are you aware...?

The Nobel Prize honours receive of these sciences: physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine and literature as well as for peace. The awards are presented in both Stockholm/Sweden or perhaps in Oslo (Nobel Peace Prize).

Incidentally, Alfred Nobel was Swedish, that's why another Nobel Awards are granted at events in Stockholm.

Norwegian Details for children: Helpful Assets

Article about Norwegian within the CIA

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