An Introduction to Norwegian Business Culture

November 14, 2016 – 03:25 am
The Technoport Crowd

Not only oil

Norwegian is renowned for becoming an oil-wealthy nation and appropriately so but that doesn't imply that Norwegian relies only on its oil exports because the primary income. On the other hand, Norwegian (and Trondheim particularly) is among the most technologically advanced and innovative communities on the planet. Not even close to the times of seafood, taters, along with a strong reliance upon agriculture, Norwegian has become a global leader in lots of technological industries. Actually, Norwegian was rated the #1 most prosperous country on the planet for that sixth year consecutively in 2014, based on the Legatum Institute’s Wealth Index.

Priority of your practice

In america, education is extremely valued and also the title of the college carries almost as many pounds as the actual degree area. In Norwegian, all schools are seen to be relatively equal and grades are generally the most crucial factor. Among the greatest variations in Norwegian education is the fact that students choose their intended career area very in early stages in existence. Grades are very important and you may only get a Masters or PhD in something which directly pertains to your previous education.gibortdagen (1) This particularly continues to be very hard for me personally because I've got a Bachelor’s in politics and worldwide relations but desire to pursue a Masters running a business. In america, many people tend to obtain a mixed background of your practice because they progress through existence, frequently moving from social sciences to business or from engineering to law, for example. Additionally, it leaves me inside a difficult place when it comes to job search.

I believe you will find benefits and disadvantages to both approaches. Couple of people truly understand what they need to complete in a youthful age so versatility in degree choice is sensible however, it's very understandable that to be able to pursue a greater degree you ought to have previous training for the reason that area. Regardless, Norway’s education product is world-famous and also the colleges are specifically proficient at teaching the mathematics, science, engineering, technology, and business fields.


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