Shortis and Simpson pay tribute to the Eurovision Song Contest

June 8, 2017 – 06:21 am

John Shortis and Moya Simpson are celebrating the Eurovison Song Contest.Music

John Shortis and Moya Simpson are honoring the Eurovison Song Contest. Photo: Provided

Good Evening Europe: the Untold Story of Eurovision.

Devised and carried out by John Shortis and Moya Simpson. Teatro Vivaldi, ANU Arts Center. May 14 to 16 at 7pm (three-course dinner and show) $70/$80/$90 or show limited to 8.30pm $30/$40/$50(based on seating). Saturday, May 16, at 2.30pm (mid-day tea and show) $30/$40/$50. Reservations: 6257 2178.

Corny tunes! Tacky costumes! Political intrigues! For six decades the Eurovision Song Contest is a a part of world culture and it has grown particularly popular around australia, that will enter the 2010 competition – the 60th – the very first time in 2015, symbolized by Guy Sebastian. No, Australia isn't a part of Europe now. Just how will it happen? Continue reading. There is lots more to Eurovision than kitsch (though there's lots of that, too).

John Shortis has lengthy been an admirer and that he and partner Moya Simpson are carrying out a musical tribute to Eurovision at Teatro Vivaldi, including a European-designed menu.

"It is struggling it's good – it's fun!" Shortis states of Eurovision. But he's intrigued by its history, too, and just how it reflects in lots of ways the alterations that happened within the region over over fifty percent a hundred years.

Shortis states Eurovision started in an effort to help bring Cold War-era The European Union together through television through the European Broadcasting Union. After nov the Berlin Wall, the previous Eastern Bloc nations were qualified to participate and lots of did. Formerly, they needed to get by using their own competition, Intervision, which went for pretty much two decades from 1961 and it was began by Wladyslaw Szpilman, whose story of making it through the Nazi regime was told within the film The Pianist. Discreetly watching Eurovision in individuals years from behind the Iron Curtain would be a political act.


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