Ten Short Finnish Jokes

July 24, 2018 – 12:28 pm
Finnish jokes appear to involve mainly 3 subjects:
Here's very staid short Finnish jokes collected from various sources (I'll keep your longer jokes for in the future).

Disclaimer: Laughs not guaranteed.

Q: What's the distinction between a clear stomach along with a Finnish person who would like to request something from the stranger?

A: You are able to really hear the empty stomach.

Q: What's the distinction between Finnish wedding ceremonies and Finnish memorials?

A: In the memorials, there's one less drunk.

Q: What's the distinction between Sweden and Finland?

A: The Swedes have great neighbours.

Q: How come there no Finns around the moon?

A: They went, but there is no wood.

Q: What's the most heavenly language?

A: Finnish, since it takes a very long time to understand.

Q: The number of Finns will it decide to try change a lamp?

A: None. When a Finn has observed that the lamp consists of glass and it has the form of the bottle, he'll attempt to open it up.

Q: No, seriously, the number of Finns will it decide to try change a lamp?

A: Five. Someone to contain the bulb and 4 to consume enough vodka for that room to begin spinning.

Q: What are the differences between your Vikings and Finnish males?

A: Once the Vikings came home after their wars, this is when the actual consuming started. However when a Finnish guy comes back home after consuming, this is when the actual war starts.

Q: How are you aware a Finnish guy is crazily deeply in love with his wife?

A: He almost informs her.

Q: How can you place an extrovert Finn?

A: When speaking for you, he stares at the ft rather than their own

Further jokes are available here.

Source: telefinn.blogspot.com

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