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July 24, 2015 – 12:28 pm
I will translate English to

Compare Norwegian translators and select the right translation result. Along side it-by-side comparison tool causes it to be simpler to find out which translation company provides best translation.

Norwegian Translation company by ImTranslator offers online translations to and from Norwegian language for more than 50 other languages by various using online translators companies. Norwegian Translation tool includes Norwegian online translator, multilingual on-screen keyboard, back translation and email service.

Featured Norwegian Translations to check

Online translations can establish reasonable recent results for the Norwegian language generally. Make use of the Back translation feature like a quality check up on the initial translations. By evaluating the rear translation towards the original text you are able to adjust the initial text by utilizing other wording and potentially have more understandable results.
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  • avatar The best site to do Norwegian - English translation?
    • You can visit

  • avatar What is the English to Norwegian translation for lash?
    • 'Vippe' is the Norwegian word for 'lash' as in eyelash. There is no direct translation for lash as in 'to strike'.

  • avatar What does 'kompromisslos' translate to from Norwegian to English?
    • The Norwegian word 'kompromisslos' means 'uncompromising' in English. 'Kompromisset' means 'conpromising.' !