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September 4, 2015 – 11:27 am
Learn Norwegian Naturally

It is dependent on which you mean by "learn". If you wish to achieve an amount of high fluency in a single year, it might be very hard to do. If you wish to achieve an amount of conversational fluency to the stage where one can manage in nearly any situation, then that's greater than possible.

I've myself lately began learning Norwegian. Although I haven't spent much time outdoors of classes focusing on it, I've recognized that it's an extremely easy language to have an British speaker to get (add the truth that I speak German also it causes it to be even simpler because so many words that are not much like British test is frequently much like German words). The grammar is very similar to the stage that you'll encounter couple of difficulties while learning it. Less difficulties equals a shorter period spent needing to overcome individuals difficulties and much more time spent really growing language and overall understanding from the language.

Should you dedicate lots of time to language learning and exercise both comprehension and taking advantage of the word what, you shouldn't have any problem learning a lot of it in a single year. If you're busy with numerous other activities and should not spend enough time on learning outdoors of labor and college (like myself), it causes it to be harder. Even so though you may still have some methods to immerse yourself within the language.

I believe as Arlyn pointed out, the greatest problem might be understanding some native loudspeakers whenever you really get to Norwegian. Norwegian, despite its small size, hosts numerous regional dialects and versions making it both very unique and very difficult for non-native loudspeakers to trap onto. But additionally as Arlyn pointed out, after you have the backing of speaking Norwegian yourself, having the ability to comprehend the regional dialects better is only a matter of time.



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