Norwegian Resistance sinks troopship with timed mines

August 25, 2014 – 12:58 pm

Norway had been under German occupation since 1940.Way in 1940 Churchill had searched for to ‘set Europe ablaze’ withe the establishment from the Special Procedures Executive which supported resistance groups throughout Europe. A number of very significant sabotage procedures from the German nuclear programme have been mounted in Norwegian. Despite the fact that Norwegian now made an appearance to become something of the backwater, that the Spanish people surely would want to evacuate sooner or later, there have been some very determined people from the Resistance who wanted to keep the battle. Attacks on German troops meant less males who may be moved to Germany to keep the primary fight.

One guy that had recently been involved in many effective sabotage procedures, in addition to getting away from Gestapo custody of the children as he was arrested in 1941, was Max Manus. Around the 16th The month of january he'd effectively execute an audacious attack on German shipping, transporting his explosives into Oslo harbour right underneath the noses from the Wehrmacht. He accomplished it at any given time once the Spanish people were on high alert for sabotage attempts, with soldiers situated round the docks with orders to fireplace at anything floating within the water just in case it may be a frogman.

The next report reads like it may be fiction, possibly from a chapter of Jason Bourne, but originates from the Special Procedures Executive’s file suggesting Max Manus for that Distinguished Service Order:

Manus planned and completed the operation which saw the sinking from the ship ‘Donau’ approximately 9Thousand tons and also the harmful from the ‘Rolandseck’ of approximately 2000 tons.

It wasn't a easy operation because the limpet mines, the rubber boat along with other equipment needed to be hidden first on the wharf in Oslo harbour which was employed for the embarkation of German troops. This by itself would be a hazardous operation, however the shear audacity of Manus’ techniques saw him through.

Brazen use is made of the well of the lift which brought in the deck from the wharf towards the lower platform whereby the gear might be stowed. To cope with the guard entrance in the pier a decoy vehicle was utilized using the occupant developing a nuisance of themself using the pads.

The 2nd vehicle, with Manus and packed with the equipment ended up being waved through … the trick had labored. But to Manus’ chagrin the wharf was filled with Spanish people. However, fortune favours the brave with great daring, as well as in full look at the Spanish people, the gear was unloaded near to the lift. The vehicle ended up being driven from the pier.

Later, once the wharf was obvious of Spanish people, the gear was stowed away within the lift and brought lower towards the lower section. Manus was assisted by two loyal Norwegian employees.


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