Norway Got Talent ShowJuly 18, 2015 – 03:02 pm

Norway Got Talent Show

The most recent viral voice on the web goes to Angelina Jordan, a 7-year-old who auditioned for Norway s Got Talent having a Billie Holiday hit that introduced the show s idol judges to tears and taken audiences worldwide. Jordan, putting on a whitened dress with no footwear, with confidence introduced herself to idol judges Mia Gundersen, Omer Bhatti, Bjarte Hjelmeland and Lisa Tonne before reducing into her audition song: Holiday s rendition of…

Norwegian Cold Weather ShirtsMay 16, 2015 – 08:12 am

Norwegian Cold Weather Shirts

Forget individuals Adidas-Google Glass athletic shoes within the works, those that basically tell a typical individual to get going. Norwegian researchers are very well enroute to creating a cold temperature type of gear designed to reply to the individual and also the atmosphere. Oh, so when they are saying “cold, ” they mean the Arctic. The properly named, a task from SINTEF, that is a research organization, not really a fashion company, seeks to…

Norway TongueJuly 21, 2015 – 10:06 am

Norway Tongue

Five Incredible Pictures Of Trolls Tongues Daredevils, Norway

Norwegian on the Web PDFJuly 3, 2015 – 09:35 am

Norwegian on the Web PDF

Now s a web-based course in basic level Norwegian, where all of the teaching helps are integrated on a single website, totally free. Presently has been developed in the Norwegian College of Science, NTNU, by experienced teachers. Who s it intended for? The program is made for foreign students at NTNU, but it s available to anybody attempting to learn Norwegian. However, it doesn t provide you with use of your final examination. NTNU students have…