My New Strategy for Learning Norwegian – Year 2

May 30, 2014 – 10:57 am

Scooby Doo dubbed in NorwegianAfter I started blogging about my proceed to Oslo, I'd intended on giving regular progress updates on my small mission to understand Norwegian, similar to the lovely Will at My The spanish language Adventure. More than a year later and that i understand I’ve barely pointed out it!

My last proper progress report was after just eight days after i spoke generally concerning the task ahead. Used to do set myself a brief-term target for Norwegian being my primary language, that we accomplished. Although I’ve pointed out language in posts since that time, and welcomed aboard Bryce like a Norwegian language blogger, I haven’t touched base along with you all… so far.

Farts Dempere road sign in NorwaySo, following a year in Norwegian, how have I done?

The reply is both much better than worse than expected!

The weather of learning

Using the wonderful advantage of hindsight, Now i understand my greatest mistake wasn't investing in convey a proper strategy. I put this lower to lack of experience with learning. Getting not seriously attempted learning a language since age 16, I kinda didn't remember that language learning is really a complex intertwined web of written comprehension, listening comprehension, speaking and writing – all needing completely different abilities and approaches.

My aimless approach has led to my written comprehension and to some degree my listening comprehension to become much better than I’d have expected, however i have really battled with speaking. I’ll freely admit, to some degree I fell in to the expat trap of not trying for amounts of time. This really is very simple to do in Scandinavia, where using British is really prevalent.

Mistake # 2 wasn't taking Norwegian classes, even though the primary reason for your was the uncertainty of my contract job, and also the expense! A perk of beginning a lasting job may be the bill for Norwegian training is going to be taken proper care of by my new employer.Learning Norwegian from a novel This gives us a regular chance to rehearse listening and speaking Norwegian inside a structured way – something I ought to did from the first day.

My Technique for Learning Norwegian – Year 2

I'll be beginning training in a more complex level than complete beginner, although not too much along, to make sure I'm able to practice talking using the vocabulary I'm already acquainted with. Additionally for this, following a year spent dealing with the word what within my own way and talking about tips with other people, I'm able to reveal a couple of other strands to my Norwegian technique for Year 2!

Watching kids cartoons

Norwegian television is filled with British and American sitcoms, documentaries and so on. They are subtitled, however with the typical Norwegian’s ability in British, very few need them. The only real exception on Norwegian television is cartoons targeted at children, that are named. Last evening I viewed some super old instances of Top Cat and Scooby Doo named in Norwegian – a really bizarre experience!

An old work friend of mine recommended I watch cartoons, both worldwide and native Norwegian, because the language used is fundamental and also the pronunciation clearer. She was absolutely right! Even inside my fundamental degree of Norwegian, they're remarkably simple to follow and contains given us a morale boost that i'm making progress. Small steps!


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