December 6, 2017 – 08:38 am
Learn Norwegian Free

Do you enjoy learning Norwegian, but simply not have the time?

Let us face the facts, not everybody can commit full-time for you to language learning. We all know you will find a lot of things happening inside your existence: school, work, the children, a special someone. This is exactly why we developed WordPower Learn Norwegian Vocabulary Free for that ultra-busy, twenty-first century lifestyle. There's simply no need to lose out on all the advantages of learning Norwegian simply because you are light promptly. With WordPower Learn Norwegian Vocabulary Free, you'll start in the future to fluency and reap the rewards which go by using it.

With WordPower Learn Norwegian Vocabulary Free, you'll master 100 of the very most commonly used phrases and words within the Norwegian language directly on your iOS device! The application doubles like a small travel guide full of cultural experience and practical Norwegian phrases. Learn Norwegian with audio tracks of the native Norwegian speaker along with a voice recorder so that you can master perfect pronunciation anywhere, anytime. Their list from the 100 most often used Norwegian words is compact enough to suit just a little review into you just busy schedule. Study anytime you like sometimes and locations that meet your needs! WordPower Learn Norwegian Vocabulary Free also posseses an addictive Word during the day alert and free Norwegian audio training whenever you join a totally free account within the application.


Imparare-lingue Development Learn norwegian
Mobile Application (Imparare-lingue Development)
  • 450 words
  • 21 categories
  • Original Italian audio files

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Learning Norwegian for free / Nauka Norweskiego za darmo
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