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July 28, 2017 – 06:57 am
50 Learn Norwegian Flashcards

#1 effective Norwegian learning program for kids

Top rated

Dino Lingo Norwegian for children is definitely an award-winning language teaching program. Dino Lingo has got the biggest choice of children’s language programs on the planet.

Easy learning

After watching the Dvd disks several occasions, most kids can certainly title everyday objects and understand fundamental phrases in Norwegian.

Easy learning group of Norwegian

For those children

Our program uses the scientifically proven “total immersion” method that's appropriate for those children including small children and pre-schoolers.

Norwegian learning looking for small children and pre-schoolers

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Norwegian Learning Sets

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Norwegian learning Dvd disks, books, flash cards, posters, toys plus much more

Online Norwegian Training

Access via computer systems, iPads, apple iphones, mobile products

Norwegian learning software, games, videos, tunes, worksheets

A well known learning set all across the globe

Dino lingo learning programs are utilized by 100s of colleges and child care centers worldwide.


Language Chimp Learn Norwegian Vocabulary Words - Flashcards Set - Full Color
Toy (Language Chimp)
  • Set of 50 Flashcards. For language vocabulary learning.
  • In learning categories such as: animals, body, clothing, colors, food, drink & numbers.
  • Double sided - Flip card to reveal translated word.

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  • avatar What is the best langauge course to learn norwegian? | Yahoo Answers
    • Truth in adverting
      I was one of the authors of the program. But I still think it is probably the best available.
      It has three sections, a phrase a day (pronounced, printed, translated); a grammar review section; a glossary.
      Have a look at the skandisk website, below.
      It is reviewed at
      You can also find more help if you are studying Norwegian on your own on my website (2nd website below)
      Don't hesitate to ask if you have more questions. (I am a Norwegian teacher in Minnesota.
      Also there are actually quite a number of colleges / universities that teach Norwegian. Have a look at a d…

  • avatar How to Learn Norwegian Grammar

    • Try KlikkNorsk, a CDrom program I helped write.
      In general Rosetta stone is not the best way to go. It ignores culture, and is heavily based on learning vocabulary items. There's more to life (and a language) than vocabulary.