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WordPower Norwegian for apple iphone, iPad, Mac and Android

Quickly Master 2Thousand of the very most Commonly Used Phrases and words within the Norwegian language directly on your device using the new and enhanced WordPower Learn Norwegian Vocabulary! Learn essential Norwegian vocabulary and phrases associated with shopping, visiting the physician, travel, technology, weather and much more! The application doubles like a small-travel guide full of cultural experience and practical Norwegian phrases. Your trip to Norwegian starts the following, with WordPower Learn Norwegian Vocabulary presented by

Gengo FlashcardsThe energy of those 2Thousand phrases and words: Based on the experts, "A vocabulary of just one, 500 words is sufficient to easily take part in everyday conversations." WordPower Norwegian Vocabulary not just provides the core 2Thousand phrases and words that comprise a language, but the tools to understand them within the quickest and simplest possible way.

Will this application alone permit you to speak just like a Un diplomat? Most likely not. Does it empower you to definitely function in everyday situations, comprehend the language spoken surrounding you, which help you quickly learn Norwegian ? Yes!

Also, browse the Free WordPower Lite for iOS and also the Free WordPower Lite for Android - Learn 200+ words, obtain the Norwegian Word during the day and Access Free Training at NorwegianClass101 .com.

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Norwegian Gengo Flash cards and Gengo Flash cards Lite

Enhance your Norwegian with Gengo Flash cards! This unique application will introduce multiple senses to your learning process. Featuring vivid photos, helpful vocabulary lists, and audio obtained from a real Norwegian speaker , Gengo Flash cards can help you learn Norwegian faster than in the past. It functions by permitting you to check out an image from the word, listen to it pronounced, and find out it written all simultaneously. Once multiple senses are participating, what you can do to commit to memory vocabulary will end up quicker than ever.

Gengo Flash cards includes 250 practical vocabulary words. But it gets better. You may also incorperate your own cards. apple iphone customers may use their camera and microphone to produce their very own flash cards within a few seconds. With the addition of your personal cards, you are able to improve your vocabulary around you would like! Study Norwegian in your own home, around the train, in school, at the health club, wherever you would like with Gengo Flash cards.

Also, check out the version, with 20 colorful picture flash cards and audio to obtain your learning began immediately!


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  • avatar Where can I learn Norwegian for FREE.? | Yahoo Answers
    • so you can look at my (FREE) website which has 2 very elementary set of lessons in Norwegian, and lots of resources (grammar, etc). (NorWord, verb of the week).
      so I suggest you look at my site and join Norskklassen (free Yahoo mailing list for people learning Norwegian)
      You need to figure out how strong your motivation is for learning Norwegian and prepare to spend some TIME and some money too. Nothing valuable is free (that's a hard lesson to learn in the day of the internet).