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March 8, 2015 – 12:00 pm

KajaThanks for visiting the “Learn Norwegian Naturally”-forums. You can request as numerous questions as you would like within the following Norwegian forums. Remember: there isn’t any such factor like a stupid question. We do hope you learn something totally new!

  • Norsk

    This is actually the forum where things are designed in Norwegian. You are able to discuss anything because lengthy because it is in Norwegian.

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  • General discussion

    The area to go over everything associated with the Norwegian language, Norwegian and other alike.

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    duska83 rashajay

  • Introduce yourself!

    Tell us something in regards to you and satisfy the people from the Learn Norwegian Naturally - forums.

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  • Practice corner

    Write down to 5 sentences in Norwegian in every subject and I'll correct them! You may create as numerous subjects as you would like.

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  • Norwegian Translation Help

    Publish whatever you do not understand in Norwegian and we'll assist you to translate it. This could for example be abbreviations, idioms, difficult words etc.

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  • Feedback, demands and suggestions

    Give me an idea to understand more about? Strategies for articles and video episodes? Whatever you miss online that you might want to possess? Share all of your feedback here!

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  • Other languages

    Discuss and request questions regarding other languages than Norwegian here.

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  • Anything else

    This forum is intended to be a forum where one can publish subjects about anything you like. Read an excellent book, seen a great movie, wish to talk about another thing etc.? If so, make certain to go to this forum.

  • Heather Melone


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