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March 11, 2018 – 10:21 am
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Standard Group Courses generally Norwegian

Listen &lifier Learn's general Norwegian classes for groups are a good choice for categories of 2-12 co-workers or buddies who're in the same level in studying Norwegian. Your group must have similar learning goals and become open to study simultaneously and placement each week. The classes are customized to match the group's level, regardless of how elementary or advanced. General courses goal to provide students understanding of common Norwegian that might be utilized in real situations. Your teacher covers lots of grammar and vocabulary, in addition to provide you with ample possibilities to practise your reading through, listening, and speaking abilities. General group Norwegian courses are ideal for groups who want to begin learning Norwegian, or enhance existing abilities and understanding. These classes are also highly suggested like a initial step for businesses who wish their workers to maneuver onto a company language course once there is a working understanding of Norwegian.

Standard One-to-One Courses running a business Norwegian

With this one-to-one Norwegian business courses, you are able to develop your present Norwegian abilities to include them very easily to your job - ideal for individuals utilized by multinational organisations, moving abroad to operate, or looking for employment overseas. Training are made around your sector of industry and area of labor, and tutors can help students in enhancing individual abilities needed from your role, for example giving presentations, writing reviews or creating formal written correspondence.

Standard Group Courses running a business Norwegian

Group business Norwegian courses are meant for small groups (of two to 12 students) who curently have a functional understanding of Norwegian, and wish to extend their abilities in the world of business language. Your group must have roughly exactly the same degree of Norwegian, whether that be intermediate, upper intermediate, or advanced. You need to be available simultaneously each week, and also have complementary learning aims. Your trainer will build up your course around your group's language goals and particular area of economic, and may incorporate any sort of regions of focus, for example enhancing settlement or presentation abilities.Newcastle Map Group business language classes are appropriate for an array of organisations, including multinational companies, and individuals whose employees need a greater degree of Norwegian to build up worldwide business associations.

Standard One-to-One Courses in Specific Reasons Norwegian

For people at intermediate or advanced level Norwegian who've specific professional or interest-related language needs, we're more than pleased to include the following elements to your language course:

• Accent conditioning and elocution
• Training to enhance particular language abilities (writing, comprehension, listening)
• Language for worldwide travel
• Business communication abilities (e.g. telephony, presentation, training, settlement)
• Business writing abilities (e.g. reviews, business correspondence, plans)
• Language for particular industries (e.g. medical, legal, HR, engineering, accounting)


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