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October 30, 2015 – 11:12 am
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  • Audio tracks of native Norwegians reading through Norwegian articles in the popular newspaper VG (presently over 90 tracks).
  • Fundamental and advanced words with audio. Learn two Norwegian words by seeing the British translation, hearing the way i pronounce the language and reading through a sentence in which the word can be used (+an British translation from the sentence).
  • Norwegian transcripts with British translations of (side-by-side translations) on Learn Norwegian Naturally. More episodes can come! The recording is embedded right over the two texts, meaning you can viewOrpay attention towards the video while you’re reading through the Norwegian transcript or even the British translation of the items I only say. The 2 texts have been in colored boxes such as this, so it's very easy to split up them from one another.
  • Quizzes and interactive exercises to check your abilities. You will find presently over 20 quizzes and interactive exercises that you could take as numerous occasions as you would like. You're told later on the number of correct solutions you'd. A number of these quizzes should test out your vocabulary (words that you simply hopefully have learnt in the fundamental and advanced groups).
  • Norwegian sentences. Audio tracks of various Norwegian sentences at normal speed, then in a reduced speed. The rate then progressively increases. This is supposed to enhance your pronunciation as well as provide you with the chance to listen to all of the sounds within the different words (this is often difficult whenever you listen at normal speed).
  • Text comprehension – Norwegian texts with comprehension questions in the finish. You will find presently 5 Norwegian texts with comprehension questions in the finish to check just how much you understood.
  • Have fun playing the forums. The forums at Learn Norwegian Naturally are often very active along with a spot to meet others learning Norwegian, exchange understanding and enjoy yourself!


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