Norwegian English: a fusion language

January 13, 2015 – 05:27 pm
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British, we frequently hear, may be the world’s first truly global language, spoken in additional places by more and more people than every other language ever. Partially this really is so, simply, because you will find more and more people today than at any previous some time and because a lot of world is famous than was at Antiquity. Within the duration of Alexander the truly amazing, Greek was spoken by less than tens of millions of people, none who might have been aware of the millions who spoke other languages in Asia, southern Africa, Polynesia, and North and South Usa. And partially British is global due to today's technology. We've the moment communication of flicks, mobiles, and also the Internet, while Caesar needed to depend around the laborious manufacture of hands-written copies for any limited literate audience.

Language is malleable

But another one of the reasons that British is global would be that the language is malleable, formed through the encounters of individuals using it. So it isn't the situation that certain type of British a treadmill type of pronunciation is distributing around the world. Many different types are, so that as they spread they reflect minus the conditions of loudspeakers from English’s traditional homelands and much more individuals of loudspeakers from places where British is learned like a second or third language.

Norwegian is really a location. The present human population is slightly over 5 million people, who over 3.5 million speak British. That’s greater than in almost any United kingdom city save London, or perhaps in any US city save New You are able to. If Norwegian were among the U . s . States, it might rank in front of Or, Oklahoma, contributing to 20 other states in quantity of British loudspeakers. You will find as many British loudspeakers in Norwegian as with the Republic of eire or Nz.

A linguistic jazz lick

However that doesn’t imply that Norwegians speak and write exactly the same British that’s heard in these other areas. Indeed, not just perform a large amount of Norwegians speak British, and speak rid of it, they are doing so within an frequently exclusively Norwegian way. From time to time, the British stands discreetly near the Norwegian, became a member of into it but stored separate simultaneously. And thus a sales brochure to draw in students to review abroad programs linguistically brings together the cosmopolitan outlook it fosters: “Go Places – studer I utlandet!”


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