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July 9, 2015 – 01:47 pm
To Norwegian language

Hei! may be the normal method to say ”hi!” The seem lies approximately British hey an hi (a little nearer to hi). Give a dose of jolly optimism, and you’ll seem very Norwegian.

If a person calls only you can’t hear the individual, your word-of-choice ought to be hallo?

Obviously you will find even the good something! type of greetings. Like whenever you meet somenone each morning, you say god morgen [goh MOORen], in the center of your day the language to make use of are god dag [goh DAHG], and at night you opt for god kveld [goh KVELL]. Please be aware that ”good day” doesn’t seem strange in Norwegian – it’s an entirely natural factor to state.

If you are in Norwegian and have a stroll at night, however, it’s an awful idea to greet other people with god natt [goh NATT] (night), regardless of how beautiful the heavens are! They’ll think you’re departing for mattress, or expecting them to get it done!

This leads us to taking leave. The standard method to say bye in Norwegian is

' det!

If you’ve only took in to Norwegian, you may assume it ought to be written ”hade” [HAHdeh], as that’s the way in which it’s pronounced. The expression really originates from ' det bra! [HAHdeh BRAH], meaning ”have it good!” You’re essentially wanting someone a great time. Now, is that not a pleasant method to leave an individual?

And I’ll finish this publish by saying mire snakkes! (speak with you later!) and wanting you lykke til (best of luck) together with your language studies.


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