Intensive Norwegian Summer Courses

March 8, 2016 – 04:34 pm
  • Course A: Thursday, 23.7.2015 – 15.8.2015
  • Course B: Monday, 27.7.2015 – 15.8.2015

Both classes are organized by NTNU's Office of Worldwide Relations and therefore are open for college students who'll stay to have an exchange periode at NTNU. Erasmus students can use in their home institution for further support (prolongation from the Erasmus periode abroad).

Please send a duplicate from the electronic application as PDF-file to

The programme

The word what course includes 70 hrs of classes. Additionally, you will operate in self-study groups on several language tasks. Due to the intensive character from the course, it's very essential that you participate in the beginning. It will likewise difficult to operate part-time throughout the program!

Distinction between course A and B
Both courses have a similar quantity of teaching hrs (70) and also the lectures will begin at within 24 hours. But course A provides you with additional time to socialise together with your future fellow students, to begin the very first weekend by having an exciting hiking trip along with other social activities. It could also be simpler to obtain cheaper tickets when you are able avoid weekend arrivals.

Our passionate language team encourages you to definitely take part in cultural and social occasions in Trondheim and our primary focus is on outside activities.

Course level/difficulty
We provide 7 different groups. Each group has no more than about 20 students. The overall classes are in the beginner level. Two classes are restricted to students with a few previous understanding of Norwegian.

Social programme
Work of Worldwide Relations provides a social programme, including "get-to-know" Trondheim activities, various dinners/barbecues, weekend and excursions within the surroundings of Trondheim and, obviously, an enjoyable experience. Teambuilding poor your host country is our primary goal. A few of the activities can be tough physically and can certainly need appropriate clothing and equipment. The social programme is an essential part from the language course.

Course costs

Exchange students
Course A: 3950 NOK
Course B: 3900 NOK

The program fee doesn't cover books (NOK 450).


Work of Worldwide Relations will arrange accommodation for college students unless of course you're at PhD level. Students at PhD level aren't permitted to reside in the student village and should arrange private accommodation by themselves. Generally you will preserve your living space throughout your whole remain at NTNU. An area in the student village will definitely cost about 3400 NOK for just one month.


  • Application Deadline: 30.5.2015
  • Outcomes of the choice round deadline: 11.6.2015
  • Confirmation of participation deadline: 16.6.2015

Wish to get ready for the word what course?

Try NOW! Opening training produced by NTNU staff for college students going to Trondheim.


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