I want to learn Dutch, Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic

April 12, 2016 – 05:15 pm
Swedish is a North Germanic

Let's begin!
To begin with, its great that you would like to become familiar with these languages, and are curious about their histories. Interest and fervour are everything. Your reason is, fortunately, not something similar to "cause like German will work for business". For those who have genuine interest, I applaud.

Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic
Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish are just like triplets. They're carefully related, even to the stage of rough mutual intelligibility, similar to The spanish language and Portuguese. Norwegian is, when i pointed out within my comments, frequently reported because the more neutral triplet, with speech like Swedish and writing like Danish. You will see variations, because these languages have diverged from Old Norse, but they're not going to be too great. With this group of languages, I suggest, unless of course you like the seem or feel associated with a one, when i do Swedish, that starting with Norwegian. On the top from it to be the most understandable to Danish and Swedish people, additionally, it has simpler sounds than Danish, that is frequently known as 'a language spoken having a [hot] potato within the mouth' (something of that nature), and much easier grammar than Swedish, with plurals in Swedish getting 5 classes and lots of problems. With this type of Scandinavian Languages: I suggest you begin with Norwegian.
Let's focus on the outlier - Icelandic. It features a 'funny' writing system in comparison towards the triplets above, and lots of variations, in addition to more complicated grammar. I'd save that one later on, when it will likely be a sizable step or two from the three Scandinavian languages you know.

Nederlander, German
Both of these pals aren't carefully related enough to become mutually intelligible oftentimes, but, again, somewhat they're close enough to become tossed in together.
Short Story:
Nederlander pronunciation will probably be tougher for a local British speaker. German grammar is going to be more difficult than nederlander grammar. Nederlander grammar is simple.

The Selection
So, would you like to learn 2 languages at the same time? Or simply one? Perhaps individually is better, consider these languages could be reasonably split into two groups you may could tackle each one of these at the same time. All the 6 aforementioned languages are associated in some manner and could cause confusion.

Source: www.quora.com

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  • avatar norwegian language classes in delhi(north delhi)? | Yahoo Answers
    • ask the nearest Royal Norwegian Embassy or consulate. They generally keep track of learning opportunities / speakers who might give lessons.