Norwegian Elkhound Health Problems and Raising a Norwegian Elkhound Puppy to be Healthy

December 19, 2015 – 02:02 pm
Norwegian Elkhound

The most typical health issues in Norwegian Elkhounds:

The most typical memory foam disease is stylish dysplasia. The Memory foam First step toward America examined the stylish X-sun rays of 3300 Elkhounds and located 20% dysplastic. That's terrible for any medium-sized breed, and also the true rates are even greater because the majority of the clearly bad X-sun rays weren't submitted for official evaluation. Evaluating the Elkhound with other northern breeds, the Finnish Spitz and Keeshond have stylish dysplasia rates of 6%.

For other memory foam illnesses, the speed of luxating patella (loose knees) can also be full of the Norwegian Elkhound. Elbow dysplasia and panosteitis occur from time to time.

Kidney illnesses really are a serious issue in Norwegian Elkhounds.

Allergic reactions cause scratchy skin and can result in microbial skin ailment (pyoderma).

Skin abnormal growths are typical – both tumorous abnormal growths and non-tumorous abnormal growths.

The most typical eye illnesses within the Norwegian Elkhound are progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), glaucoma, retinal dysplasia, cataracts, entropion, and eye lash irregularities.

Other health problems in Norwegian Elkhounds include epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, and thyroid problems. From time to time reported are chondrodysplasia along with a skin condition known as follicular dysplasia.

Are you able to prevent health issues from happening for your Norwegian Elkhound?

Yes, frequently you are able to.

  1. Some health issues are genetic, meaning inherited from parents. Genetic health problems are typical in Norwegian Elkhounds today due to foolish breeding practices. My book, Dog Mission: Discover The Dog You've Always Dreamt Of, teaches you how to locate a Norwegian Elkhound puppy who's genetically healthy.
  2. Other health issues are environment – triggered incidentally you lift up your dog. My favorite-selling dog health book, 11 Considerations To Do Right To Maintain Your Dog Happy and healthy demonstrates how to avoid environment health issues by raising your Norwegian Elkhound puppy (or adult dog) in most the best ways.

Listed here are my dog advice for raising a proper Norwegian Elkhound puppy or adult dog:

According to your canine's breed and just how you are raising him, this personalized quiz can help you know how lengthy your pet might live – and more importantly, the best way to increase his existence expectancy.

Read my suggestions about daily healthcare so that your Norwegian Elkhound lives a lengthy, healthy existence and rarely must begin to see the vet.

The very best diet for feeding your Norwegian Elkhound is real food. Real chicken, poultry, beef, bison, venison, seafood.This isn't "people food" and I'll let you know why.


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  • avatar How close, genetically, is the Norwegian elkhounds to the early companions of man? | Yahoo Answers
    • The origin of the Norwegian elkhound is the Torvmosehund which was domesticated in ancient Denmark. It's the progenitor of the northern breeds and migrated into Norway and Southern Sweden. The Vikings had records of them in the form of bas-relief pictures showing them hunting moose.