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November 24, 2016 – 03:31 am
Homeschool foreign languages

Address: 111 NE eleventh Ave, Tigard, OR 97232

Telephone: 503-367-5014


Hr person

Title: Karen Thompson

Title: Norwegian Language Director

Address: 6722 SE 64th Ave, Tigard, OR 97206

Telephone: 503-367-3401

Languages/dialects trained: Norwegian

Grades trained: Pre-K and Grown ups

Program Description

Reasons and goals from the program:
• To train the fundamentals of Norwegian grammar, usage, and vocabulary
• To own cultural background from the Norwegian language


Parents’ anticipation for that program: Our barnehage (preschool immersion program) began lately. At this time, parents' anticipation are that people train the kids language through play and interest.


Instructors’ and administration’s anticipation for that program: Anticipation for that adult program are the grown ups learn in their own speed, flourish in understanding the material covered in every semester, and can converse in understandable Norwegian with native Norwegians.

Anticipation for that children's program are the children obtain a feeling of Norwegian culture, understand the seem from the Norwegian language, and discover the fundamentals from the language (fundamental grammar forms and sight words).

Grieg Lodge's anticipation of both programs are they further discover the Norwegian language and culture locally and instill a feeling of acceptance of world cultures in most involved.


Students: Within the adult classes, we will often have 5-10% heritage language loudspeakers. The majority of the students have Norwegian descent.

Within the children's program this season, about 50 % from the children get one Norwegian parent and something American parent. The relaxation from the students have Norwegian descent.

The way the program identifies heritage loudspeakers: Heritage loudspeakers are recognized as individuals who was raised with Norwegian phrases and words generally stated within their home. This may be everything from food names and table hopes to tunes and children's rhymes. The mother or father might be fluent.

Source: www.cal.org

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