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May 9, 2017 – 06:05 am
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We provide Norwegian courses whatsoever levels from complete beginner (A0) to upper intermediate (B2). For levels from elementary (A1) to intermediate (B2) you'll have the ability to choose from three different online learning programs that fluctuate in approach, focus and style. View demo versions from the programs here.

If you're searching for a certified Norwegian language course to be able to make an application for residency/citizenship, there is a quantity of hrs of obligatory instruction each one of the course package provides you with within the brackets.

Norwegian for work

We provide 4 different Place of work Norwegian courses that may help you communicate with confidence at the place of work. These courses integrate practice-based learning with professional qualification. Place of work classes are appropriate for college students in the B2 level (intermediate) up.

Course in Civics and Social studies (Samfunnskunnskap)

Based on Norwegian immigration law anyone coming at Norwegian from the country outdoors of EU/EFTA and willing to try to get a lasting residence permit/citizenship must develop a 50-hour course in civics and social studies (Samfunnskunnskap). Should you fit in with this group out on another have time for regular classes, now you can go ahead and take course online with

Self-study courses, from NOK 295, -

Below there is also a full summary of our self-study courses. When you purchase a self-training you purchase use of our online learning programs full of multimedia content and interactive exercises. Our e-learning programs are complete and well-proven solutions for learning Norwegian online inside a fun and efficient way.

The self-training is a great option especially if you're a more knowledgeable language student and also have some fundamental understanding of Norwegian. The self-training can also be a terrific way to accelerate your learning process if you're taking regular Norwegian classes or reside in Norwegian.

Don't forget that self-study classes are not approved for application for permanent residency and citizenship.

General Norwegian Courses

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  • avatar You got caught a SECOND time using and copying an online source for a translation assignment in a language class so What should you do and what might happen
    • You should stop cheating. What might happen is you lose course credit and you be reprimanded. Moreso even worse if you are in the military or ROTC.