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February 14, 2018 – 10:01 am
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Stick out within the crowd – have a Less Generally Trained Language! UND offers two web based classes in beginning Norwegian (NORW 101 and NORW 102) additionally to the face-to-face courses. These opening language courses provide students using the tools to make use of norsk like a listener, speaker, readers, and author in everyday situations including daily occasions, food, the elements, sports, clothing, health, likes/dislikes, and travel. Additionally to growing students’ understanding from the Norwegian language, another objective of the program would be to strengthen students’ capability to assess, interpret, and discuss Norwegian on the global scale. An asynchronous course that may match any schedule, we make use of a textbook series targeted for American language students. A great method to learn twelve months of language (or fulfill a language requirement) – in a couple of short several weeks!

Fall semester online Norwegian language classes are going ahead and spring courses will open for registration in November. We anticipate offering both NORW 101 and NORW 102 in Spring 2016. Registration for individuals courses starts in November 2015. Listed here are the specifics for that current semester:

Newbie Norwegian I

Norw 101 - UND Online Register here Norw 102 - UND Online Register here
Class dates:

These courses presently fulfill Essential Studies needs at UND for Breadth of Understanding (Fine Arts &lifier Humanities), as well as now a (G) for Global Diversity (NORW 101 only). Online language classes are also a perfect springboard for college students planning to review abroad at the four locations for UND undergraduates: the American College of Norwegian (Moss), the College of Oslo (Oslo), the College of Bergen (Bergen), and also the BI Norwegian School of Management (Oslo). Intend to spend a semester or perhaps a year around to build up you language fluency and also be your cultural knowledge of Norwegian.


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