Is it hard to learn Italian if I can speak Norwegian and English and basic Spanish?Frequently asked in

October 16, 2015 – 04:14 pm
Most Norwegians who want it's hard. In the manner that the fundamental The spanish language will not assist you to learning Italian in the manner Latin and British can help you. Your understanding of The spanish language can help you understand something written, but you'll have a more difficult time speaking it, since you will combine The spanish language and Italian, saying things unintelligible for Italians and Spaniards (e.g. burro).

Latin can help you a great deal for learning all the bad guys of Italian grammar. For Germanic loudspeakers, the idea of the ablative situation (da) incredibly difficult to grasp, also the idea of getting three past tenses and also the subjunctive mood.

British is very difficult to master for romance language loudspeakers, despite the fact that nearly all British words possess a romance language origin. This really is
because British continues to have remains of all of the bad guys from the original Old Germanic grammar (e.g. Icelandic). For this reason it is simple for any Norwegian to understand Icelandic despite the fact that formally Norwegian does not have individuals bad guys. Exactly the same is applicable for learning romance languages for Germanic loudspeakers. Of all of the romance languages, spoken Italian may be the simplest to understand to know.


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