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October 20, 2016 – 02:47 am
English to Norwegian

Tests: 11
Portfolio: 2

I grew to become intrigued with computer systems from an earlier age. Due to this, I additionally many userful stuff here of British because all of the instruction manuals were in British!
At 13 I began wearing down the program others had made, and from then as well as on I played around with a great deal and essentially trained myself your brain of computer systems.
When it comes to languages, I realize a number of from the European languages pretty much nowadays and also have combined my flair for computer systems and making software with my curiosity about languages.
I'm which are more autodidact and independent. I'm able to, which are more, handle complex projects alone, however i also follow instructions and may deal with others.
I'm autodidact in Fundamental, Turbo Pascal, Delphi.
I'm acquainted with SQL, PHP, HTML, etc..
For my computer abilities, I've myself developed a few of the world's quickest programs for controlling huge levels of data... I do not think I ought to enter in the subject of all of the software I have tried personally and may experience an expert level (you'd be stuck here reading through for any very very long time).
I'm additionally essentially bilingual. Native in British or Norwegian? I only say Yes to both. :)
Maybe this is often offer meet your needs.
I truly enjoy dealing with different languages.. Converting and transcribing isn't just fun, I still stumbled upon a couple of words that I'm not sure, which may be the fun a part of researching and learning..
I'm able to translate these languages inside a professional manner:
British, Danish and Swedish -> Norwegian
Norwegian, Danish and Swedish -> British
Norwegian, British and Swedish -> Danish
For brief texts, I additionally offer translation like:
Norwegian, Danish and British -> Swedish.
German -> Norwegian, Danish, British and Swedish.
I'm able to offer transcriptions of Norwegian, British and Swedish audio recordings.
Phew. Which was a great deal about language... Where made it happen all start you may question... Well.. It will help being told that you could not get it done. (Don't pay attention to that you simply parents available. Acknowledge the of the children. Encourage them!)
Aside from that, it will assistance to be persistent! and travel around a little is pretty good either.
As being a software developer is exactly what I truly want in my future. Challenges can come my way and that i is going to do whatever I'm able to to satisfy individuals challenges inside a professional manner.
Many old developers or individuals trained a language in school see problems along with a box they're stuck in.
In class, I had been the main one teaching my instructors. I had been the main one thinking outdoors this area to obtain things done.
I'm able to be persistent sometimes, but i believe, there is nothing impossible.
The impossible only takes a bit extended period.


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