Norwegian Helsinki Committee on Turkmen Prison: "A clear order must go out to end these horrible practices."

February 22, 2016 – 04:22 pm

Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Report: Dashoguz Women's Prison Colony

Ivar Dale, consultant on Central Asian issues in the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, was at New You are able to now to get familiar with an appropriately-entitled panel organized through the Open Society Institute, "Human Privileges in Turkmenistan: Bleak and becoming Bleaker". (EurasiaNet is funded by Open Society Fundamentals through its Central Eurasian Project-erectile dysfunction.)

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) just launched a study (in British and Russian) around the Dashoguz Women's Prison Colony in Turkmenistan that gives an uncommon glimpse right into a closed society's much more closed penitentiary system.

The authors from the report can't be named because of anxiety about reprisals.

The women's prison holds greater than 2Thousand female inmates who're serving their sentences under very harsh conditions which NHC states add up to brutal treatment and torture. An especially nasty feature from the Turkmen police condition would be to arrest the relatives of suspects and torture them for info on their loved ones people - then lock them up, too. Such "opponents of thoseInch are stored inside a special compound, and can include Guzel Atayeva, wife of Ovezgeldy Atayev, the previous chairman from the Mejlis, or parliament.

NHC has presented the research towards the Not Committee Against Torture (CAT), that will review Turkmenistan's first are accountable to the treaty body May 17-18. The Norwegian activists will also be wishing that as worldwide information mill now attaining more use of Turkmenistan to build up its considerable hydrocarbon reserves, the worldwide community will press for access of monitors towards the prison and also the discharge of individuals unjustly held.

Dale stated he expected CAT will give some thinking towards the findings - beatings, rapes, freezing punishment cells, cramped, overcrowded living cells, beds frequently without sheets, and meager food rations, composed of brick-like black bread and balanda, the prison jargon for watery, nearly meatless soup. Bribery is rampant - criminals or their own families pay to obtain around the amnesty list or improve food or perhaps a visit. Dale thinks by using his group's facts, along with reviews in the Turkmen Initiative for Human Privileges, Human Privileges Watch yet others, the kitty experts should have little question about precisely how harsh a persons privileges scenario is in Turkmenistan.

Now you ask , how to handle it, the best way to formulate recommendations towards the government, and do you know the real levers for change. Along with other publish-Soviet nations, CAT has was adamant on the development of credible national physiques to research accusations of torture, advised greater use of prisons, and recommended reforms varying from getting rid of window covers to moving beds farther apart to curb t . b. Yet in Turkmenistan's situation, already using the worldwide community's participation, there's been only semblance of the development of human privileges machinery which might now get when it comes to really addressing the issue of torture.

If CAT would urge the development of another commission or committee, on the top from the existing presidentially-controlled physiques that theoretically already accept and act upon complaints, it'll basically lead to Ashgabat's bad belief.


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