10 untranslatable Norwegian terms

January 3, 2017 – 04:18 am

1. Skjerp deg

This phrase doesn't bode well for you personally. It always means you’re making a fool of yourself. “Skjerp deg” might be converted as “Sharpen yourself up, ” and it is used in most types of contexts.

Instructors utilize it to inform students to give consideration. I yell it at buddies who're doing something absurd. Cops utilize it to inform off crooks who're clearly laying for them, parents express it when telling business five-years old that has just attracted with crayons all around the new wallpaper.

2. Kos(elig)

This can be a common feature of all of the Scandinavian nations: There exists a word to explain the sensation of heat and friendliness that comes from discussing simple pleasures of existence with individuals you want.

Danish hygge, Swedish mys, and Norwegian kos all describe roughly exactly the same factor. We frequently attempt to translate it into words for example “nice” or “cozy, ” but individuals only describe parts of what's “kos” or “koselig.” Kos means hugging together with your friend. Kos means being snowed in at the cabin within the mountain tops, before a roaring fire with cacao, pastries, along with a good crime novel.

Kos is a fairly lunch inside your school cafeteria. Kos is finding someone you haven’t observed in age range. Kos is a great party. I've even heard people describe their sex existence as “kos.” Our way of life center around “kos.” Even spending so much time could be koselig, if you are doing the work with individuals you want.

3. Glad i deg

That one really is not sensible, because sentence after sentence it means “glad in your soul.Inches

In British, you like anybody and whatever you have type of affection for. You like your son or daughter, your partner, as well as your parents. You like your buddies. You like pizza. Fair enough, thought the Norwegians, but doesn’t making it just a little difficult to distinguish whom you care probably the most about?

In the end, simply using that phrase signifies you've as much affection for your guy inside your class who you’ve noted for two several weeks as you've for the brother whom you’ve known your whole existence. That appears just a little dumb, doesn’t it?

Habits we've “Glad i deg.” You're “glad i” your close buddies. You “elsker” (love) your girlfriend. Elsker either signifies romantic feelings or even the type of love a parent or gaurdian has for his or her child. It’s an excellent system. Parents and partners may also usually use “glad i deg” for texts and other alike, arranging “elsker deg” for individuals really special events.

Straight men would use glad i deg to each other, but never elsker deg. If you’ve become keen on someone in Norwegian, say “jeg er glad i deg.” Should you say “jeg elsker deg.” don’t be prepared to listen to them for any couple of days when they finish losing it about getting moved too quickly.

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