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MultiTranse Norwegian

If it's a web-based translator you'll need, you've found the very best in here. Babylon puts available this automatic translator for words, texts, phrases and much more. Look for literally countless terms in Babylon’s database well over 1, 600 dictionaries and glossaries in the most varied fields of knowledge. All in additional than 75 languages.
Babylon has over ten years experience of the area of dictionaries and translation software services. It is among the most well-known and well-established companies of knowledge retrieval all over the world.
This website provides you with all-in-one translation even when you don't use Babylon’s patented a single click translation software. Here, you will find the chance of converting full sentences, get synonyms and antonyms and translate from almost any language to the language. Babylon counts with countless customers worldwide and highly effective rate of satisfied clients using its translation software. Customers in the most varied skills translate and retrieve information simply by hitting any document on their own computer systems using Babylon program it's been chosen by millions because the easiest translation tool in the marketplace.

Source: translation.babylon.com

Topics Entertainment Learn Urdu: Talk Now! Beginners
Book (Topics Entertainment)
  • Speech Recording -Compares your voice w/ native speakers. Printable Dictionary -w/ color pictures.
  • Four Quiz Levels -Test what you ve learnt, earn points and monitor your progress.
  • Intelligent Software -Remembers words you get wrong and targets your progress.
  • Automatic Localization -Lets you choose the Language you learn from more than 80 available.
  • Wide Range of Words -From greetings and phrases to parts of the body, numbers and shopping.

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Franklin Electronics Franklin- Next Century Tg112 20 Language European Translator
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  • World Time With Alarm And Calculator, Metric/currency Converters
  • Phrases Can Be Searched By Keyword Or By Category
  • 5, Words Per Language; Over 2 Million Translations
  • 150 Sentences Per Language
  • 20 Languages With Translations To And From
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Ectaco ECTACO 500AL Pro Multilingual Translator; Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian Plus 20 Additional Languages.
Office Product (Ectaco)
  • Oxford E-E Dictionary (Oxford Advanced Learner s Dictionary (8th Edition)) containing approximately 58, words, phrases, and meanings and over 86, samples sentences...
  • Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner s English Dictionary (New Digital Edition) containing approximately 40, words with real voice pronunciation
  • Collins Thesaurus A-Z (2nd Edition) containing approximately 18, words with real voice pronunciation
  • Collins Multilingual Dictionary (26 Languages): Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US), English (British), Finnish, French, German, Greek...
  • Britannica Concise Encyclopedia containing close to 25, entries
RSK Apps Translator
Mobile Application (RSK Apps)
  • Many language used in this application.
  • * TTS Voice
  • * most realistic sound as human-sounding like more languages as below.
  • * convert your text to voice .
  • Arabic, Egypt
  • Arabic, Israel
  • Bulgarian, Bulgaria
  • Catalan, Spain
  • Czech, Czech Republic
  • German, Austria
Sansoft World Best Language Translator
Mobile Application (Sansoft)
  • World Best Language Translator App allows you to translate what you say in more than 25 languages.
  • Features :
  • - No translation cost, You don t have to pay any money .
  • - Translate between more than 25 universal language.
  • - Translate words and phrases with high accuracy.
  • - Text To Speech is supported.
  • - Speech Recognition is supported, Translate the spoken text.
  • - Share your translated text.
  • - The application saves your translations.
  • -Speak the text instead of typing it

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