275 complaints filed about Norwegian's Dreamliner delays so far

November 2, 2014 – 11:42 am

Norwegian travel complaints authority authorities are flabbergasted through the large number, they are saying.

A Norwegian Dreamliner
A Norwegian Dreamliner
Photo: Norwegian

Issues are stacking up for Norwegian as well as their lengthy-haul Boeing 787 routes, similar to holding designs over busy international airports.

If ALPA (Air Line Pilots’ Association)/US airlines’ inferior wage-levels and dealing the weather is insufficient to tax the Norwegian-based low-cost company, some 275 people have formally lodged their postponed travel worries using the complaints handling board for travel services NRF (Norsk ReiselivsForum).

“Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) have experienced their normal share of complaints from the time they began, ” Rolf Forsdahl, NRF’s gm told The Foreigner, Tuesday, “but these amounts have skyrocketed given that they commenced operating the Dreamliner.”

Authorities have worked with 80 cases to date, 195 more are awaiting processing.

“These some 200 are triggered in what happened before and also at Christmas. We predict another 100 within the coming several weeks because of the occurrences that happened in the finish of December, ” described Mr Forsdahl.

“I’ve been in the market for twenty five many can’t recall one incident has triggered as numerous problems because this has, ” he added.

Cost the air travel very much

The majority of cases involve postponed travel claims under EU legislation. This enables individuals affected as much as 600 euro in compensation. Relevant people selecting to assert under Norwegian air legislation too is going to be granted whichever provides them the greater amount. They're not going to receive compensation from both guidelines.

Norwegian’s Dreamliners have experienced past being affected since Norwegian began flying them last summer time, however. NAS subsidiary Norwegian Lengthy Haul met with Boeing again as lately because this week.

Mr Forsdahl thinks the company accepting having to pay compensation to people “could result in a major hole within their balance sheet.”

“They’re searching at approximately 250Thousand euro per aircraft within this situation. It [the problem] can also be not only because of the brand new aircraft, however the new means by which air carriers are built, ” he stated, mentioning to matters for example maintenance manuals and deck hands.


Norwegian presently has only three Dreamliners in traffic, a couple of that are shuttled between Bangkok, Scandinavia, and also the US. Five more 787-8s take presctiption order. Shipping of two further longer-range, longer fuselage 787-9s are required within the first quarter of 2016.

“Another issue is that simply one delay can remove in to the next couple of days’ plane tickets. In addition to getting a more compact Dreamliner fleet, Norwegian isn't a person in IATA (Worldwide Air Transport Association). Consequently, other product partners who can sort out the issue. Other air carriers also provide more aircraft available, ” remarked Mr Forsdahl.

What exactly are also complaints about?

“Roughly 20 percent concern the truth that the Dreamliner was removed of traffic and changed by having an older aircraft type. One passenger even complained this meant they couldn't possess the Dreamliner experience.”

Source: theforeigner.no

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