Immigrant penalized for trying to learn Norwegian

September 13, 2015 – 04:06 pm
Skagerak International

Jordan Daniel Groves from Nz thought he was doing exactly what the Norwegian government bodies expected of him: Likely to Norwegian classes to understand the neighborhood language. Rather, he ended up being punished when his “student” status avoided him from collecting unemployment benefits.

Groves is probably the 1000's of immigrants in Norwegian who’ve been advised, otherwise completely purchased, through the government bodies to consider classes within the Norwegian language. Although a lot of people from other countries can manage in Norwegian with British or perhaps another languages, it’s thought that insufficient Norwegian comprehension prevents full integration and hinders entry in to the local employment market. A brand new directive implies that immigrants will quickly need to pass written and dental language tests to be able to be eligible for a citizenship.

Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the past weekend that in Groves’ situation, following a government’s directive demonstrated pricey.

Studying? ‘No benefits’

Groves showed up in Sandefjord, Norwegian 3 years ago together with his Norwegian sweetheart. They soon grew to become parents and Groves eventually arrived employment like a prepare inside a local Italian restaurant. Before lengthy he’d been hired with a bigger restaurant in Oslo, but late this past year he was let go together with others because the economic crisis occur.

A couple of several weeks earlier, though, he’d began taking Norwegian classes in Oslo. He thought he was doing the best factor, however when he requested unemployment advantages of the condition agency referred to as NAV, he was told he didn’t qualify, while he was considered students.

It’s a paradox that didn’t escape Groves: While immigrants are advised to understand Norwegian to really make it simpler to locate jobs, the condition agency billed with helping people discover jobs and giving unemployment benefits held his Norwegian classes against him. And also, since he’s from outdoors Europe, he doesn’t entitled to the privileges and rights approved guest employees from France or Belgium or any other European nations.

“It’s hard to swallow that I’m being punished by NAV for following a directive to consider Norwegian classes, ” Groves told Aftenposten . It appeared like one condition agency was contradicting another. He filed an appeal, that was declined.


NAV authorities say current rules are obvious: Persons who're studying can’t receive unemployment benefits. Some exceptions can be created, but apparently not in Groves’ situation.

Political figures in the right and left were quick to blast NAV’s “convoluted” interpretation from the rules and known as for brand new rules which makes it mandatory for immigrants receiving advantages to attend Norwegian classes. Bureaucrats inside the government ministry accountable for NAV can get newer and more effective regulating plans soon.


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