Free Norwegian Audio Phrasebook, Games and Mobile Apps

September 13, 2015 – 04:33 pm

Learn Norwegian Free using Phrases

Surface Languages Norwegian offers free teaching tools online for learning fundamental Norwegian phrases, varying out of your first words to small speak with general subjects to get by and much more. Audio of native loudspeakers is supplied to make sure that your pronunciation is true.

Lots of people enjoy learning language via phrases due to their natural use (functionality) and as a way to determine a fundamental foundation which to construct conversations and private interactions.

Finally, additionally towards the Norwegian audio phrasebook, you will find a couple of easy and fun games for learning colors, fruits, several weeks and fundamental amounts.

Free iOS Application for Learning Norwegian Phrases

Surface Languages has additionally made free applications readily available for learning Norwegian phrases on Android and iOS.

Begin using these applications on the run to review common phrases in Norwegian and be ready for many everyday situations.


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