Five Good Covers: Norwegian Wood (The Beatles)

June 27, 2015 – 11:11 am

John desired to talk about cheating he'd without letting his wife know. Paul recommended ending the song using the protagonist burning the home lower. George thought the song needed something, and automatically acquired the sitar he’d lately bought. Ringo let go the drums and gave the song the gentler percussion it needed. Together, they crafted “Norwegian Wood, ” among the popular features of Rubber Soul and also the entire catalog from the Beatles.

Whenever a song like “Norwegian Wood” breaks a lot ground, it’s difficult to imagine it being taken somewhere greater. It’s towards the great credit from the following artists that they’re able to perform so. All classics should be heard with fresh ears thank you to those five for enabling that to occur.

MP3: Buddy Wealthy – Norwegian Wood (The Beatles cover)
In Bill Graham Presents, Graham informs the great story of getting Buddy Wealthy towards the Fillmore and convincing him to spread out the set with “Norwegian Wood” (see clearly here). One pay attention to this and you may realise why all individuals twentysomethings who didn’t know Buddy Wealthy from Richie Wealthy could be glued to the level through the work of the foul-mouthed guy in the fifties.

MP3: Jeremy Messersmith &lifier Zach Coulter – Norwegian Wood (The Beatles cover)
The Minnesota Beatle Project is made to support art &lifier music education in Minnesota public schools. To date, they’ve put together three Compact disks of Minnesota artists carrying out Beatles tunes 100% from the internet arises from these Compact disks fund the work. Discover more about the subject here meanwhile, enjoy Messermith &lifier Coulter’s reworking of “Norwegian Wood, ” that they amusingly claim “freed it in the trappings of the ’60s boy band.”

MP3: Sergio Mendes &lifier Brasil 66 – Norwegian Wood (The Beatles cover)
Mendes gave the Lennon-McCartney catalog lots of attention through the years here, with Brasil 66, he shows what might happen when Liverpool was hit with a South American front. Don’t such as the result? Blame it around the bossa nova.

MP3: P.M. Beginning – Norwegian Wood (The Beatles cover)
P.M. Beginning made a few of the lushest and gentlest urban pop from the early ’90s. Around The Bliss Album…?, they take “Norwegian Wood” and hang it adrift on wealthy clouds of heat and rapture – memory bliss, for a moment – and show the energy acquired from setting your reimagination free.


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The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
The Beatles - Norwegian Wood
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