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June 24, 2015 – 03:24 pm
Norwegian-English Dictionary for Mac


Ultralingua’s Norwegian-British Translation Dictionary includes all of the British and Norwegian reference tools you'll need in one place. Keep Ultralingua available while you’re writing, reading through, learning vocabulary, and studying Norwegian and British grammar, and you’ll also have the term you would like.

  • Search engine results within the dictionary, verb book, and number tool are displayed instantly plus they narrow while you type, so its not necessary to understand precise spelling to locate what you're searching for.
  • Whenever you locate an British or Norwegian word you need to remember, you are able to send it for your flashcard deck to personalize and review later.
  • The whole application is offline, so that your flash cards, dictionary, verb conjugations, grammar guide, and much more will always be available whether you possess an web connection.

An British grammar guide and Norwegian verb table are made in to the Norwegian-British Translation Dictionary for Mac so most grammar and usage rules are a look away. British conjugations for 1000's of verbs will also be included in the application. Full verb conjugations in Norwegian are not available.

Norwegian-English Dictionary for PalmDownload the ten-day free trial offer to obtain temporary use of 1000's of verb conjugations, definitions, the flashcard builder, and much more.

Palm OS

Palm OS applications contain our most widely used Ultralingua tools:

  • Norwegian-British translation dictionary.
  • Conjugations for 1000's of British verbs.
  • Translation of amounts into Norwegian and British text.
  • Wise search that recognizes types of Norwegian and British verbs and indicates the infinitive inside your results.

Your Norwegian-British dictionary for Palm OS may include inflected forms during your search results. Look for any kind of a verb and also the Norwegian-British dictionary will suggest the infinitive form being an option among your results. Verb conjugation in Norwegian is not available.

This Norwegian-British application works with Palm OS models like Palm Treo, Tungsten, and Zire.

Concerning the Dictionary

Whichever form of our Norwegian-British dictionary software you select, you’ll have the same thorough dictionary data. This Norwegian-British translation dictionary includes reliable features and content:

  • 70Thousand records with 270Thousand translations
  • IPA pronunciation for a lot of British words
  • Areas of speech
  • Norwegian noun genders
  • Geographic vocabulary along with other proper nouns
  • Example phrases, idioms, and expressions
  • 100s of grammar and usage explanation notes


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